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                  Shri jagannath Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya ,the third Sanskrit university in India was established on 7.7.1981 at Puri (Act ,1981-Orissa Act 31 of 1981) by the State Government of Orissa , with initiative of the Chief Minister ,Pragnan Vacaspati Dr. Janaki Ballav Pattnaik ,beloved son of Orissa and a great lover of Sanskrit  and Indian Culture. This Vishvavidyalaya has made very significant contributions to the world of knowledge and in the building up of skills , having been located in a natural setting of the scenic beauty , being ideally built for serious study and research in the field of the most ancient language (sanskrit) science and culture of the world . Its majestic edifice of library symbolises the leadership and commitment to seek through the highest truth , to upset the old dogmas  in the society by means of valid knowledge , to be the torch bearer to lead its youth on right path to achieve almost all humanstic goals .
This Vishvavidyalaya has some ideal prospects. These are as follows-

                      To concentrate upon traditional teaching with a modern outlook , To concentrate upon more Departments and faculties of traditional schools , To take up multi-volume research projyect on subject like  "Contribution of Orissa to Sanskrit Literature ", each volume presenting a critical evaluation and assessment of works of the savants of Orissa in a particular discpline like Sahitya , Vyakarana , Darshana , Tantra , Agams , Dharmasastra , Jyotisha and so on ,To collect and preserve scientifically the sanskrit manuscripts of Orissa , not collected yet  , To do research  on the collected manuscripts , which are worthy of critical edition  and publication , To explore   the possibility of micro-filming  the manuscripts  which will not be easily acquirable (people not willing to part with them) but rare and very important ones , To organise Re-organise programmes and summer-/winter workshops for our teachers in Post Graduate Departments and in affiliated colleges  and institutions to i ntroduce them with newly invented methods of teaching and knowledge , To achieve quality and excellence in its sphere  so that the pride of not only Orissa but of the whole country will be accepted through out 5the world .

                    The administratiion  of  the Vishvavidyalaya is run by the acts , statutes , regulations etc. The Vice-Chancellor of this Vishvavidyalaya is the head of this administration and other officers such as Registrar , Controller of Finance , Development officer , Controller of examination and Asst.Registrar are there to carry out the day today administrative works of this Vishvavidyalaya .


                     As per the provision of the Acts and Statues , there are three authorities  of this Vishvavidyalaya , namely Syndicate (Adhisad) , Senate (Samsad) , Council (Vidyaparishad) .
                    (1)SENATE :
The Vishvavidyalaya got supressed from 17.10.96 to 21.8.97 and after appointment and joining of a Vice-Chancellor on 22.8.97 steps have been taken to constitute these authorities of the Vishvavidyalaya . Presently the senate has also been constituted .The meetings of the Senate during the years  under report were held on 30.5.95 and 20.12.95 .
                      (2) SYNDICATE :The Syndicate is the apex body of the Vishvavidyalaya . It takes policy decision on various aspects.
                       (3) ACADEMIC COUNCIL :The academic council takes decision relating to the academic matters of the Vishvavidyalaya .
                       (4) TEACHERS : As per the provisions of the act  , the following shallbe the teachers of the university,namely :-
                            (1) Professors (Pracharyas)
                            (2) Readers (Upacharyas)
                            (3)Lecturers (Pradhyapakas)
                            (4) Such other teachers as may be prescribed  to be the teachers of the University . Some   part-time and guest lecturers can also be appointed including the afore mentioned regular teachers as and when nessary .The University has seven Departments with 41 (forty one) sanctioned posts  of professors ,Readers and Lectureras . From among these posts ,22(twenty two) posts are filled up and   19 (nineteen) posts are lying vacant at present .


                       The University campus is known as "SHRI VIHAR" .It covers  an area of one hundred acres of land in the mouza Balukhand in Puri town . In Shri Vihar Campus , the Administrative office of the University is running in its own building . The ground floor of the proposed three storied administrative building has already been constructed .The construction of first and second floor awaits govts.grant .In the eastern side  of the campus a three storied building for Gent's hostel has been constructed and is named after Vishvanath Kaviraj , the great scholar of  Sanskrit poetics . The boarders strength is 96.
                           Steps have been taken to construct a double storied Ladies Hostel to accomodate 120 boarders with the full assistance of the U.G.C. .The work has already been assigned to Orissa Police Housing and Welfare Corporation and the same has already started .
                           One beautyful prayer hall ,named Rukmini Devi Birla ,has been constructed in the campus and and a four storied edifice is constructed for library  purpose . Still the building is  required to be fully furnished to meet the requirement it is meant for .
                             In the campus ,roads with black topping are constructed and one pump  house is there to supply water to the entire area .The construction of the P.G. Teaching Departments is in progress . Till now P.G. classes  are being held in the massive library .


               Various Universities ,Boards and other recognised educational institutions have accorded equivalence to various degrees of the Vishvavidyalaya and steps have already been taken  to procure equivalence from other Universities and institutions .This Vishvavidyalaya also grants recognition to various degrees and diplomas of other Universities on reciprocal basis . For this purpose , an Equivalence committee has been constituted by the Academic Council .  The equivalence given to the coresponding courses of the following Universities/Board/Council of the state .Equivalence  also has been given to degrees of many other Universities of the country as reciprocal basis .
                 (1)   Berhampur Universities
                 (2)   Sambalpur Universities
                 (3)   Utkal Universities
                 (4)   Council of higher secondary education , Orissa ,Bhubaneswar.
                 (5)   Board of Secondary education , Orissa , Cuttak . 
                 (6)   Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan ,New Delhi .
                            COURSES OF STUDIES : The courses of studies for different examinations are prepared by the respective Pathyaparisads (Board of studies) and later approved  by the Vidyaparishads (Academic Council ) . The courses patterns have been modernised and so designed that those fall into the pattern of general education  with a view that students passing out different examinations would find an equivalent stage and status in the general education pattern .

                              The Vishvavidyalaya hsa introducede 10,+2 ,+3  pattern of education at par with general system .Accordingly the course pattern for different examinations are designed as follows .

Sl. No.      Examination      Duration of      No. of papers              Equivalent To
                                                courses          Full Marks               general Education   
********   ************   ************   **************         ******************
     1 .           Prathama         2 years            7-(650)marks              Class-VII (M.E.)
      2 .          Madhyama       3 years             9-(900)marks                      H.S.C.
     3 .          Upashastri        2 years           12_(1200)marks           CHSE (+2 Arts)
      4 .          Shastri              3 years           18-(1700)marks          3 years Degree Arts
                    Samanya                                                                  (Pass) ,(+3) ( Pass)  
       5 .         Shastri              3 years           21-(2000)marks            3 years Degree
                    Sammana                                                            Arts (Hons.),(+3 Hons)
       6 .         Acharya            2 years            10-(1000)marks            Master of Arts


               The following examinations are being conducted by the Vishvavidyalaya . (1)Prathama ,(2) Madhyama,(3)Upashastri, (4) Shastri ,(5) Acharya ,(6) Diploma in English and special Diploma in Sanskrit,(7)Visistacharya. Some model Sanskrit institutions ,apart from some High schools and colleges of the state are fixed  as the centres for different examinationsof the Vishvavidyalaya .


               The Vishvavidyalaya provided teaching facilities in Visistacharya (M.PHIL) courses in all the seven   departments .As per the regulations , Visistacharya Comittees have been formed for different subjects .

             The Vishvavidyalaya confers degrees of Vidyavachaspati (D.Litt) and Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D) for research works  on various fields of Sanskrit literature and culture .


               The University has taken up  research work on different branches such as (a)collection,edition and publication of palm leaf manuscripts (b) compilation of Encyclopedia of Religion   (Tantrakosa)  (c) Advanced studies on Lord Jagannath with aresearch journal  named "JAGANNATH JYOTIH "
                                   The Research work on "Inscriptions of Jagannath temple and Origin of Purussottam Jagannath " succesfully completed by late Dr. S.N.Rajguru . The 1st volume of the same has already been published .The 1st volume of " Bibliography on Lord Jagannath " compiled by Dr. G.N. Dash, Professor of   Linguistics and Dr. P.C. Mishra , Lecturer of Berhampur University has already been published .The publication of the research work "Mahapurusha Vidya" has already been completed .

                        (1) MAHAPURUSHAVIDYA -1991
                        (2) NEHERU AND INDIAN CULTURE -1991
                         (4) A BIBLIOGRAPHY ON LORD JAGANNATH-1992"
                         (5) KOSALANANDA MAHAKAVYAM-1995
                         (6) RESEARCH JOURNALS
                                  (a)SHRI JAGANNATH -JYOTHIH,Vol.-I to V
                   (1) Name of the project : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION (TANTRA)                      (2)COLLECTION OF PALM-LEAF MANUSCRIPT EDITING AND PUBLICATION.


            The Central Library of the Vishvavidyalaya is located in its own building in campus .
                  Total numbers of books collected so far  =22731 nos.
                  Total numbers of journal procured so far =1044 nos.
                  Total numbers of palm leaf =190 nos.                            
                  Total numbers of  news papers =12 nos.
                  Total numbers of  prescribed books =1857 nos.
                  Total numbers of  staff =6 nos.
                  Total numbers of  members -  1. Students =480
                                                          2. Teachers=21
                                                          3.Officers =12 
                                                          4 Staffs =85                          
PROFILES OF CENTRAL FACILITIES: Library ,Computer,Yoga Education andpractice, sports ,n.s.s. .