Animal Husbandry



  • To provide health care services to all the livestock resources of the district.
  • Genetic up gradation of the local breed by Artificial Insemination
  • Prevention of infectious diseases by routine vaccination.
  • Reducing the cost of production of the farmers through fodder development.
  • To improve the economic condition of the farmers by involving them in different developmental schemes of the department.
  • Compensate the farmers financial loss due to unnatural death of their livestock through Livestock Insurance scheme.


  • One Veterinary Hospital at district Head quarter, 14 Nos of Veterinary Dispensaries, 161 Livestock Aid centres & 67 Nos of Gomitras are providing health care services in 11 blocks of the district.
  • One District Diagnostic Laboratory (DDL) at district head quarter is functioning for accurate diagnosis of diseases by conducting different pathological test like blood, urine, faecal samples, skin scrapings etc.
  • One District Poultry Hatchery under SGSY is functioning at Pipli, providing day old chicks to the farmers at a reasonable price.
  • One district Fodder Training centre located at Pipli which provides both training & demonstration to the farmers on fodder production.
  • Two fodder farms namely one at Gaonpada, Pipli & other at Hanspada, Nimapara are providing good quality fodder to the farmers.
  • One Mobile Veterinary Unit functioning at each block is rendering health care services to the farmers of remote areas at their door step.


Backyard Poultry Development Programme under National Livestock Mission:

  • Under this programme selected beneficiaries are being provided with 45 Nos of chicks at free of cost. They are also provided each with a financial support of Rs. 1500/- for construction of night shelter.

Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme (DEDS)

  • Under this scheme the dairy farmers are provided with subsidiary financial support (25% to 33%)for availing bank loan for 2 -10 nos of dairy cows.

Commercial Agri Enterprise (CAE)

  • The progressive farmers are provided with financial support through APICOL for taking livestock farming as an enterprise.

Training Programme

  • Imparting training to livestock farmers on various aspect of livestock production, processing and marketing. Arrangements have been made for demonstration & exposure visit to different institutions both inside & outside the State.

Artificial Insemination.

  • Genetic up gradation of local breeds of cattles through Artificial Insemination for production of good quality progenies.


  • Routine vaccination work is being conducted throughout the year for prevention of different infectious diseases like HS, BQ, FMD, Anthrax, PPR, ENT, Goat Pox, RD, Theleria, Brucella, Rabies etc.

Genetic up gradation of Small Animals:

  • Under this programme sheep & goat farmers are assisted with 50% of the total project cost for keeping 50+3 Nos of Goat/Sheep.

Calf Rearing Scheme(CRS):

  • Good quality cross bred female calves of age 4 to 6 months are being selected & supplied with balanced ration till attaining the age of maturity (24 months) at  subsidised rate through Milk Co-operative society.

Livestock Insurance:

  • Under this programme livestock are being insured at subsidised premium price to compensate the financial loss of farmers due to unnatural death of the livestock.

Mineral Mixture Supplementation Programme:

  • To improve the milk production of dairy animals 3 kg of mineral mixture per animal  per month upto 10 months are being provided with a subsidised rate.

Rastriya Krushi Vikash Yojana (RKVY):

  • Dairy farmers are provided with a financial support of Rs.6000/- per half acres (maximum Rs. 30000/- for 2.5 Acrs) for perennial fodder production.

Chaff cutter distribution programme:

  • Hand operated chaff cutter are being distributed to the farmers at a subsidised rate.

Fodder Minikit Distribution programme:

  • Fodder minikit of different varieties are distributed to the farmers at free of cost in different seasons of the year.