(i) The main objective of the District Employment Exchange is to implement and co-ordinate all programmes of Employment Assistance, Career Advise, Employment Market Information and Surveys and Studies in the district. The District Employment Office is also responsible for inspection and enforcement of the Employment Exchanges and (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act – 1959. District Employment Officer is responsible for efficient functioning of town Employment Exchange and it’s sub-offices.
(ii) Through “State Employment Mission” programme, District Employment Officer has to take initials to open-up avenues for self-employment and to create a conductive atmosphere for sust6ainable wage employment.

As far as activities are concerned District Employment Exchange has four major activities
(i) Registration of job seekers for employment assistance.
(ii) Sponsoring of names of registrants against notified vacancies of the employers.
(iii) Vocational Guidance to registrants through career counseling and providing employment information to them.
(iv) Collection of Employment Market Information (E.M.I.) in Form ER-I, ER-II.

Except this, after implementation of “State Employment Mission” on 2005, the activities of District Employment Officer have been increased as
(i) To monitor the Skill Up-Gradation Training imparted to un-employed youth for self -employment purpose.
(ii) To sponsor the Bio-Data of un-employed youth counseled through “Atma Nijukti Paramarsa Mela” in Block level camps for sanction and disbursement of loans to start any “Self Employment Venue”.
(iii) To impart “Pre-Recruitment Training Camp (Residential)” to the candidates willing to join Indian Army.
State Employment Mission
Government of Odisha, through the State Employment Policy, 2005, intends to bring synergy in different development sectors, in terms of creation of self-employment opportunities. As a part of this policy, State Employment Mission has been constituted headed by the Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha.
Objectives of the Mission
(i) To facilitate generation of adequate employment opportunities through a policy frame work.
(ii) The recommend and initiate bold steps for infrastructure development which will open up avenues for self employment and create a conductive atmosphere for sustainable wage employment.
(iii) To act as a catalyst in opening of marketing opportunities particularly in agriculture and allied sector and small scale industries, handicraft and cottage industries and in the I. T. sector.
(iv) To encourage and facilitate training of young entrepreneurs on development of Small Scale and Cottage Industries.
(v) To monitor generation of employment in different sectors and programmes.
(vi) To facilitates launching of Training Programmes for both Un-Educated and Educated Un-Employed persons for up gradation of their skill.
(vii) To formulate area and trade specific strategies for maximizing Employment Opportunities on a sustainable basis in the state supported and private sectors.
(viii) To facilitate a proactively substantial wage employment for various development activities with special emphasis on creation of community and individual assets. Sectors like Forestry, Watershed Development, Rural communication, Horticulture and land Development among others will receive priority.
(ix) To facilitate a coordinated approach in achieving the above objectives through convergence of various on going schemes for maximizing the benefits over time and space and in reaching out to the most needy sections of the population.

Special initiatives taken in the Puri district to improve Employment, Self-Employment and Wage-Employment
Activities and Achievements of District Employment Mission, Puri
Skill Up-Gradation Training Programme Through Different ITIS / ITCS of Puri District

Adress of Head of the Office:
District Employment Exchange
Near Puri Bus Stand
Po.- Puri, PIN- 752001
District- Puri
Tel.:- 06752 – 222757